Warm Greetings.

PrimeCare is established with a commitment to provide Quality healthcare products that are effective in healing day-to-day ailments of living entities.

As information/knowledge is more easily available all over the globe, confidence for self-medication has increased many folds in past few years. Consumer preference for OTC products for common ailments has increased substantially. The responsibility of Pharmaceutical Industry is to provide these products with focus on efficacy and safety of end consumers. At PrimeCare we are committed to deliver quality expectations of our partners and consumers and be part of their solutions during pain and gains. Our products are designed to meet International standards and our processes are customized to suite our partner’s requirements.

We welcome business partnership with distributors, drugstores, medical centers and hospitals all over the world to work together for “Healthcare Welfare” of mankind.

Looking forward, we are determined to achieve our goal of becoming a major entity in providing affordable and niche healthcare solutions without compromising on our value systems.

Munovar Hussain Khan